We Danced – Brad Paisley

October 30, 2017 - Comment

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Angela Jordan says:


Pat Callahan says:

great artists great song

Bastion Sea says:

I may have a walker and carry a cane, but I can still dance

Joseph Hagins says:

Pussy puss n boots sound familiar Teddy tuff hedeman Billy Bob Thurman and Garth Brooks and dusty rodes Clint black and Ron white jack black and Ron Sorenson Huck Finn and the cowboy dream don’t milk my goat screw my chicken and mop my oatmeal Wheaties and stop using the phone left it dangling off the hook Cheyenne puss palace big springs and Ferris Paris and ferriswheels and peer at the Jersey shore Santa Monica cruise and the sunset honeymoon and all but I’m single and royal to all of I and all of me and I am tired of being told threatened by a jackass

Benjamin Bridges says:

i love this song i love the sound it represents my life

chevy one says:

Funny i met my wife of 32 years on a hard wood floor dancing

Tori Helderman says:

will I am in love with you will John servers 😙😗😘😍😙😗😗😙😚

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