Tim Mcgraw – My Little Girl

January 10, 2017 - Comment

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Graciela Hernandez says:

is this off a movie like the clips

Victoria Kemp says:

this song makes me want to jump off the tallest building in Edmonton

Jonathan Hammond says:

I wish I knew my father and I wish my daughters father was more of a father
to her and my son 😢😢😢

Kaylee Amundson says:

I wish my mom would let my dad be apart of my life I love you and miss you

Marinette MakeupLover says:

i was crying to this song I miss my dad I love him soooooooo

Service Dog Training 101 says:

After not knowing my father for 20 years and now knowing him I realize how
much he actually has loved me this entire time!

Robyn H says:

i won custody of my one and only baby girl shes my world my baby and will
always be here for her and she will always have my heart and i hope on my
fiances day and i she will dance with him to this song:)

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