It had to be you – Harry Connick Jr.

October 30, 2017 - Comment

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Wesley Felício says:

Quem veio por causa do Livro 50 Tons de Cinza dá um joinha!

rain bow says:

0:28 x2..

Turnipage says:

X2 should have played the whole song so it looked like the ride was calmer than it actually was.

Tigerlily887 says:

Funny enough, I found this song from Max, Ester, Sophia, and Salvatore.

Anne Isabelle Monnanteuil says:

I love this song <3

MegaDonConejo says:

This song is fantastic!!

elizabeth 3rd says:

reply 1988 ¬‿¬

Kevin M says:

105 people deserve to be sent to Auschwitz circa 1940

Angelica Lee says:

This is mine and my mom’s song 💙 We always dance to it

Ethan Giannini says:

Who came here from X2 and cried remembering that it aint summer anymore and you wish you were back at Magic Mountain

Maya Trl says:


Beatle Bette says:

This was my mom and dad’s song. He used to play it on his baby grand as my mom sang along while cooking dinner. Wonderful memories for me.
I actually like Harry’s version better than Frank’s.

new phone who dis? says:

thanks x2 from six flags

Pugiron says:

Well, if Vic Damone wasn’t dead this shit would kill him

Charles Fidler says:

This is my song for my school.♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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