How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) _ JAMES TAYLOR

January 11, 2017 - Comment

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Vegan Sabbath says:

American Pie haha

Richard Mallin says:

What a wonderful song, the lyrics are amazing and the melody goes perfect
with the words. He’s Iconic, and he is getting the accolade he deserves. He
was honored at Kennedy Center in D.C. recently and didn’t realize how
wonderful he is. R.Mallin

Rim Pardy says:

💘 this is a beautiful song

Walter Jimenez says:

Un temazo….

John Herrera says:

American Pie brought me Here hahaha 😂

jurnagin says:

I’ve always thought Johnny Taylor was original singer/writer of this song,
is he?

jurnagin says:

princessfam oh, thanks

princessfam says:

Holland Dozier Holland of Motown wrote the original, which was sang by the
incomparable Marvn Gaye

James Vincent Bartolome says:

oz and heather

Cookie Monster says:

A nice warm, fruity and slippery American Pie

NextBase Czeon says:

96.3 easyrock

Matthew Ortiz says:

American Pie brought me here. 😀😀😀

Gloria Anaruma says:

Sempre atual. Gratidão pelo post

LANE EL says:

Always In Effect With Me… Love Is Always Sweet With Y.

bigmaxcc says:

American pie anyone 😂 how is it to be loveddd byyyy youuuu STIFER:
OmMgGgggg you’re gay

Muzika says:

Diggin this

canadiangrrrl14 says:

I was singing this about loving myself. This is growth for me Did you know
Marvin Gay RiP wrote this incredible song!

buzzyhyendee says:

Holland-Dozier-Holland 1964 Motown

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