Head Over Feet lyrics by: Alanis Morissette

October 30, 2017 - Comment

Alanis Morissette.. she’s one of my favorite singer.. hope you like it… thanks! Related posts: Lonestar – Amazed Barry White – Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love Baby. Michael Bublé – Everything [Official Music Video] Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You


Tyler Rumfelt says:

Remember first hearing this song at my cousins swimming pool party back in the day! This and killing me softly by Lauren hill

Richard Loaiza says:

I am aware now, I am aware now.

Shadow B says:

Love love love this song bring so much memories I was in school and would sing everytime I heard it on the radio ❤️❤️

Squire Whitney says:

Anyone else think of The Hunger Games when hearing this song–Katnis and Peeta?

King of Cork excuse your corks says:

So I heard this in a restaurant a while ago like 5 years and recently I’ve been having memories of this song and literally craving the sound of this song to go back in time to that restaurant and so I searched up the lyrics and now… I feel complete it’s strange

Titus Ware says:

She Rocks!

boss layne13 says:

Deep, perfect, right through you, ironic, you ought to know.. hehe

Ar Ojas says:

When she shows me up her boobs I say to her “you have already won me over…”

David Sanchini says:

French Canadians should be fed rat poison and then burned

IAMMerkury says:

This song is soothing

Don Knotts says:

She’s a whore

Emily Rutherford says:

this song is so perfect. I miss the 90s and the music.

Prince Villena says:

Alanis Morissette brought me here

Jean Trainor says:

When I was 10 I thought maybe she’d wanna be my girlfriend, we were both so misunderstood 🙂 and who else was gonna “go down on me in the theatre” ? 😍

Haley Kolesar says:

Iove this song so much

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