Head Over Feet lyrics by: Alanis Morissette

January 11, 2017 - Comment

Alanis Morissette.. she’s one of my favorite singer.. hope you like it… thanks! Related posts: Por una Cabeza – Carlos Gardel Faith Hill – “Breathe” (Official Video) Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love I got you, Babe by Sonny and Cher (studio version with lyrics!)


winged wolf says:

thanks gabe

Clarise Starling says:

you’re so sweet today. I LOVE it!!!

Bosraga bosraga says:

before 2016 ends!

Sanity Lim says:

It’s December 24 here in the Philippines and I’m sick of the current
Christmas songs so I decided dropping here. I always hear this song when I
was way younger and I miss this genre. Merry Christmas everyone!

Miranda Rasnick says:

to my very 1st love…Thankimg God your mine again 13 yrs later. 💖

djay jack says:

Who’s listening November 2016

Liana Marie says:

great song

Paulina Elizabeth Arias Garrido says:

susiiiii niña japonesa xd leeme xd esta buena la cancion c: te quiere la

Paulina Elizabeth Arias Garrido says:

jejeje sip wiiii , esta bueno el tema c:

Susana Ramos says:

ajjajajajajaj wiiii por fin pude responder 😀 <3 Me gusta alanis <3

Cie Taylor says:


Tomeka Speight says:

Love the harmonica solo! I could listen to it over and over again

Summer “KiansOnJcsCloud” says:

To my crush I’ve liked for four years and no we aren’t dating😥😍💖💖💕

Summer “KiansOnJcsCloud” says:

+TONY GUNK Fuckboi he asked me out then dumped me the next day so im
currently in a mental relationship with Kian Lawley

Scarrr says:

All her songs sound the same

Maddie Arnold says:

This is my mom and dad’s song there wonderful marriage going 16 years now

Bosraga bosraga says:

Maddie Arnold that is so sweet!

Link The Fox says:

this song makes me think of my ex he loved it but then again he also loved
other guys 😹😹

Link The Fox says:

lol he was a dickhead that i punched in the face and made him break it i
said sorry and my friend dragged me away were still friends

tito duds says:

magkaboses sila ng cranberries

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