Escape by Enrique Iglesias Lyrics

June 26, 2009 - Comment

Love him and the song. Enjoy =D Related posts: Por una Cabeza – Carlos Gardel Faith Hill – “Breathe” (Official Video) Diana Ross & Lionel Richie – Endless Love I got you, Babe by Sonny and Cher (studio version with lyrics!)


mozissocool2 says:

Anyone else thought it was “You can try if ya want but you can’t escape my

KATIE Stewart says:

It sounds better like that tho BTW!

Richard Hall says:

definitely a stalker song! Lol…. But I love his music…

Nathan Arezzo says:

I haven’t heard this song since…since I was a kid.

KATIE Stewart says:

This song so good yeah!


A great song.

jackandalufan says:

oh my god highschool!!!!!!!!!!

Donald Ellison says:

This is a blue song and I love it.

levin dollz says:

I REALLY LOVE LOVE Enrique and his song

Sarah Bailey says:

omg how did I go from led zeppelin to enrique … this is definitely one
that brings back some memories. What a spin out

Facebook Lord says:

its really realyy excellent music

Orion Sketches says:

I used to sing along to this song when I was like 4 XD

Synthetic Parallels says:

I like this song because the music is well written and it has really creepy

Toy Mit says:

“You can run, you can hide but you cant escape my Lao”

Manorat Saphongxay says:

escape is loosely thrown around these days but count on me, I goin’a tell
ya what escape is, it’s when images of a big black cocks ya had underground
blown ya mind, tearin’ pain deep inside that hurt so good only an escape
could free ya from such catastrophe.

Leila Garcia says:

Other video Enrique iglesias

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