Princess Cut Diamond

princess cut diamond

This ornament bears the emotions of partners and they are a sign of love, commitment and eternity. When it comes to the selection of engagement rings, women, in the present days, are mostly preferring the diamond princess ring over other cuts. The extraordinary look and appealing shine of a princess cut diamond is what luring most women. In addition, the unique shape and size of the diamond stone, also become one of the reasons for its popularity. Generally, the engagement rings with princess cut, come in a good stone size. This cut can match well with any sort of metal. But, they look the finest when combined with white gold, yellow gold or platinum metal. Although, these are the costliest metals, but they do add to the grace and mark the occasion with its beauty and spell bounding appearance.

This style has the distinctive properties of the brilliant round cut diamond, but comprises of square clean lines, and has an arrangement of hexagonal and triangular faces. Developed in the early part of 1960, Princess cut diamonds have pointed corners and are usually square, others may be rectangular. Engagement rings often carry this style and are one of the popular options in colored diamonds.


princess cut diamond

You can find many styles of diamond rings. But a princess cut diamond rings are the best choice to consider if you are looking for your dream wedding rings.

Diamond ring with 0.91 carat square modified diamond graded H color, VS2 clarity, depth 71.8 %, table 70 %, Excellent polish, Very Good symmetry, No fluoresc…

It comes as no surprise that a new form of diamond cutting is getting very popular these days. Princess cut diamonds are here to fit in every kind of jewelry you want to accentuate. The traditional round cut variety is of course there but with the new princess cut variety is far more versatile. The first of such designs were seen in France which then grew popular due to their solid structures and better shines. The depth on the stones can be varied and with other features on the cut, the diamonds can be set in a wide variety of ways. So, as you are set to make a mark, get the new princess cut diamonds so that you can actually have the right way to make the best of statements in style. Have the stone that shows what you are on a higher standard. Princess cut diamonds are a great way to customize your jewelry. Get the best of such diamonds now from stores like, and set the trends all by yourself.

Simple is chic. If you’re unsure, always start by wearing simple pieces of gold. Pieces like gold princess cut diamond rings are the perfect because they’re not too big yet not too small to be unnoticed. Start by wearing things one by own, then if you’re feeling more bold, you can pile them up as you please.

Another option to add more color is the white gold black diamond rings.

If you can visualize two pyramids joined at the base an eight sided polyhedron, or octagon you know what diamonds look life when they first come out of the ground. The reason for this has to do with the shape of the carbon molecules that make up diamond crystals. When jewelers finally learned how to cut this substance, they simply followed the gem’s natural shape. Princess cut diamonds represent the pinnacle of the diamond cutter’s art.

Scene in the year 1980 81, princess cut diamonds emerged on the diamond and since then become the most popular diamond cuts in North America because of its excellence and sharp, corners without any cut has a crown that moves in the vertical direction and has dome facets as against to the old facets that move in the horizontal direction.

The modern princess cut diamond ring is result of over five hundred years of refinement of the art and science of diamond cutting. Princess cut diamonds take advantage of the natural molecular structure of diamonds in order to create the maximum amount of sparkle and shine, which is technically known as “fire.” Princess cut diamond rings have a great deal more of this fire than most traditional round cuts.